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protesters’ chant at last night’s debate

But why is no one talking about how hard it is to be in both the Orphan Black and Warehouse 13 fandoms what with two of their main characters sharing a name and all? I cannot even count how many times I have been reading a Bering and Wells fic and have accidentally pronounced HG’s name as He-LAY-nuh in my head and had just a short moment of pure confusion, wondering why my angry angel is making out with Myka in the aisles of the warehouse. I can’t be the only one.

I just can’t listen to this song without hearing it as Cosima’s thoughts towards Delphine.

I don’t know if its been pointed out or not, but I really like how Dr. Leekie refers to the other clones as Sarah’s “friends,” but when he is talking to Cosima, he calls them her “sisters.”

It’s subtle but it just fits so well with their characters, Sarah being this rebellious, independent woman who has “already got a family” and is shown to be fiercely protective of that family.

But then we have Cosima, who other than Delphine (and even she is only allowed in so far), has not been shown to have anyone even remotely close to her. As dangerous as the situation is, she is obviously excited about the whole clone thing, so it would be quite easy to believe that she considers the others as something closer than “friends.” Or at least would be much more amenable to the term “sister” than Sarah would be.

I just thought it was fascinating how Dr. Leekie knew that something as small as that might make a difference in these girls’ minds. I guess nurture wins this round.